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Level 3 Certificate in Education and Training (RTF)

What you'll learn

  • Comprehensive teaching skills
  • Extended teaching capability
  • Understanding educational dynamics
  • Competent delivery and assessment


Embark on a teaching journey with the prestigious Level 3 Award in Education and Training.  This program is part of a comprehensive suite of teaching qualifications. By achieving this qualification, you present compelling evidence of your ability to teach beyond the initial year in the FE sector.

Acquire in-depth knowledge to comprehend roles, responsibilities, and relationships within education and training. Gain the expertise to deliver impactful education and training to individuals or groups in areas where you are technically proficient. Develop a nuanced understanding of assessment processes, enabling you to contribute to a thorough and effective evaluation of learning.

Delivered through a comprehensive online program, our course spans between 6-12 weeks to meet your needs and includes eClinics, eLearning, and personalized guidance and assessment support.

Demonstrate your learning through a submission of a diverse portfolio, including a worksheet and evidence compilation consisting of a Lesson Plan, Recorded Observation, Evaluation, and a Micro Teaching Log.

Immerse yourself in our structured online programme, benefitting from initial and mid-programme support provided by Certiquals's Guidance Assessor through one-on-one interactions via email, Video calls, and/or phone.

Unlock your teaching potential and secure a brighter future with CertiQual's Level 3 Award in Education and Training.


Learner Entry Requirements:

Open to learners aged 19 and above, this qualification does not require a current teaching role but necessitates competence in the chosen teaching area. Successful candidates can seamlessly progress to the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training.

Progression Routes:

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training serves as a foundational qualification, opening up various progression routes for individuals seeking to advance their teaching and training careers. Common progression routes include:

  1. Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET):

    • Building on the Level 3 Award, the Level 4 CET provides a more in-depth exploration of teaching and training principles. It is suitable for those aspiring to take on more advanced teaching roles or leadership positions in education.
  2. Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET):

    • For individuals seeking a higher level of qualification, the Level 5 DET offers a more extensive and advanced study of education and training. This qualification is often pursued by those aiming for senior teaching roles, curriculum development, or educational management positions.
  3. Specialized Subject Qualifications:

    • Depending on the area of interest or expertise, individuals can pursue subject-specific qualifications to enhance their teaching capabilities in a particular field. This could include subject-specific diplomas or certifications.
  4. Continuous Professional Development (CPD):

    • Engaging in ongoing professional development activities, workshops, and seminars allows educators to stay current with industry trends, teaching methodologies, and best practices. CPD is essential for maintaining and enhancing teaching skills.
  5. Higher Education Degrees:

    • Some individuals may choose to pursue higher education degrees such as a Bachelor's or Master's in Education. These degrees can provide a more comprehensive understanding of educational theories, research methodologies, and advanced teaching strategies.
  6. Specialist Teaching Roles:

    • As individuals gain experience and additional qualifications, they may pursue specialist teaching roles such as special education, adult education, or vocational training, depending on their areas of interest.
  7. Leadership and Management Courses:

    • For those interested in educational leadership and management, courses in educational leadership, school management, or educational administration can be valuable for career advancement.

It's essential for individuals to consider their career goals, interests, and the specific requirements of their educational institution or industry when choosing a progression route. Continuous reflection on professional development needs and aspirations will guide educators toward the most suitable pathway for their individual career journeys.

Duration : 75 hours
Lectures : distance
Course level : 3
Language : English
Cost: £350